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The silver treasures of the Kennel Club

Issue: 08/09/2017

The Keddell Memorial Trophy for BIS at Crufts: One of the world's most photographed trophies. Standing 34 inches high, including base, weighing 300 ounces, hallmarked for 1925 made by Martin Hall & Company. It is called after Robert Keddell, show manager at Charles Cruft's show from 1894 until 1924. Originally a breed trophy, for the last two shows run by the Crufts family it was awarded to BIS. It was won on both occasions by H.S. Lloyd's Cocker Exquisite Model of Ware. 
At the first Crufts show run by the Kennel Club in 1948, the Keddell Memorial Trophy was again offered for BIS. From 1969 to 1972 it was demoted to Reserve Best Terrier Trophy. However, it then became the BIS Trophy that the winner never takes home and has its own personal bodyguard night and day at Crufts. 
One of my personal favourites is the silver Golden Retriever trophy. Part of the James Palmer Douglas Collection at the KC. Cast in Birmingham in the early 20th Century by the noted silversmith A.E. Jones (1878-1954). 

Kennel Club Gallery

The cabinets just outside the Kennel Club Gallery which house the gold and silver Kennel Club and Crufts trophies, look most impressive. Some of the models were not given to be awarded as class prizes. 
That is true of the first item, a silver model of a Chow Chow on an ebonised base, made as a wedding present to be given to Chow Chow pioneer the Lady Faudel-Phillips on her marriage in 1908. Lady Faudel-Phillips, Armyne Gordon before her marriage, was the only daughter of Lord Granville Gordon, the son of the 10th Marquis of Huntley and Lady Gordon. The mother and daughter made a major contribution to Chow Chows in this country and both were founder members of the Chow Chow Club, founded in 1895. 
The Collection has two silver Borzois, firstly a small one in the cabinet beautifully modelled and engraved, won by Miss Robinson's Ch. Mythe Mischa, Hound Show, Crystal Palace 1912. The second much larger one is to be found on the Members floor, donated by the Duchess of Newcastle, the Borzoi Ch. Tsaretsa, 15" high, with an ebonised base bearing plaque proclaiming Tsaritsa's many wins. Hallmarked for 1900, the model was supplied by Dobson & Son of Piccadilly. One myth has always been that the noise of something loose in the base that rattled was one of the dog's teeth. When the base was removed from the model for the move to the new building, it was found to be a hardware nail!
A model of a Miniature Poodle in Lion trim was a trophy presented in memory of the famous breeder Alida Munro of the Firebrave prefix. The St Bernard Trophy, a large silver model of a St Bernard with the all-important silver brandy barrel around his neck, was presented fittingly by Hennessey. A silver model of a Fox Terrier was presented by Mark Dawson, grandson of Neville Dawson, member of the General Committee 1926-1947. Fittingly, these mostly small silver models have a history of their own. 
The Kennel Club Art Gallery is open to all and free to visit, however an appointment is necessary. Visiting hours are Monday to Friday 9.30am-4.30pm. To book an appointment please contact the Kennel Club Art Gallery on 020 7518 1064 or email

  • Keddell Memorial Trophy by Martin Hall and Co, Sheffield 1925. Copyright the Kennel Club
  • Champion Tsaretsa Trophy Borzoi made by Dobson and Sons London 1900. Copyright the Kennel Club
  • Hennessey Challenge Trophy. Copyright the Kennel Club
  • Silver Golden Retriever Trophy, Birmingham, early 20thC by Albert E Jones (1870-1954). Copyright the Kennel Club

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