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Issue: 24/12/2021

The dog experts are here to bring you some festive joy this month! They have been reviewing the latest pet products to make sure you get the very best for your perfect pet. So, let’s see which products the experts went barking mad for.

Top product this month:
Tweedy Blanket
Overall 4.8 star rating * 8/10 gave this product a 5-star rating


A change in the weather is the perfect excuse to let your pets get cosy. Enter Tweedy who have developed a snuggle blanket to make pets even cosier. Perfect for an extra layer on cold nights or to cover the furniture while watching your favourite movies together. Just like the beds, the Tweedy blanket features a woven check on one side and a soft plush on the reverse


* Reversible 

* Super soft

* Affordable

What the makers say

Tweedy is an elegant and stylish addition to any home. The neutral check accessories complement all home interiors while remaining deeply comfortable for your pets.  

Top Our Dogs panel comments

“Good quality and less annoying than a typical squeaky toy.”

“So soft and well made.”

“There is a choice of two sides, depending on how wet/dirty your dog is.”

“Size and comfort. It can be used as one piece in a larger crate or folded for smaller crates. The sheepskin side is very plush.”

“Great quality.”

“Dogs considered it lovely and warm. Washed up easy. A great product.”

“Beautiful. I loved the fact it is washable, fitted into the cage perfectly. Dog loved it and is asleep on it as I type. Good size and good colouring.”

“The best thing is that the boys loved it. I’m going to have to purchase another one to stop them squabbling over it. very well made and looks so comfy.”

Who would it suit?

“All dogs.”

“All breeds.”

“Small dogs of any age or cats. The polyester side might be quite useful as a boot liner on a rainy day or to protect other dog bedding.”

“Small and medium breeds who like to sit on the sofa or off the ground.”

“Lovely for the more mature dog, especially at night due to warmth.”

“The blanket would suit all ages and breeds, although this size may be slightly too small for giant breeds.”

Any negatives?

The only suggestion was that it would benefit from being available in a variety of colours and sizes as the white plush showed the dirt very easily. The blanket was also too small for giant breeds.

Price and availability:

The Tweedy Blanket is available in pet shops and online across the UK, RRP £14.99.

Runner-up (by a hair!)
Forthglade Complete Meal Grain-free Xmas Turkey with Cranberry and Parsnip
* Overall 4.6 star rating
* 6/9 gave this product a 5-star rating


Forthglade’s Christmas recipes are a great way to treat your dogs over the festive period. Made with natural ingredients and gently steamed to retain maximum goodness, these recipes are sure to get a tail wag of approval.
* Grain-free
* On-trend natural
* 75% turkey
* Single-serve packaging

Top Our Dogs panel comments
“A complete dog food with no artificial additives. Easy to dispense from the tray, and the dogs appear to like it! It does not have a heavy smell and contains a high percentage of Turkey (75%).”
“No need to keep refrigerated and can be sliced into smaller portions.”
“Very appealing look and taste.”
“Yummy, yum, all the dogs wolfed this product down.”
“It broke up easy, making mixing into kibble not a problem. The meat is a complete diet, so biscuit isn’t necessary. Like that it is locally made, with natural ingredients and the container except for the plastic film lid is all recyclable.”
“Long life item, keep on the shelf until needed.”
“We used Forthglade meal pack before. Like the formula of Xmas Turkey and cranberry for doggy’s Christmas meal. The consistent quality is typical of Forthglade food. Dog ate it all; it must be delicious. Packaging is also easy to open for feeding compared to tin food.”
“The aroma of this dinner was lovely. It did smell of roast turkey.”
Who would it suit?
“Any dog.”
“All breeds.”
“Any size dog as it can be split between meals.”
“I think this product would be suitable for all breed types and ages.”
“Labradors loved it!”

Any negatives?
The only suggestion was that it may be costly for large dogs.

Price and availability: The Forthglade Complete Meal Grain-free Xmas Turkey with Cranberry and Parsnip single packs are available in pet shops and online across the UK, RRP £1.45

Denzel’s Christmas Lunch Bites

Overall 4.3 star rating * 4/9 gave this product a 5-star rating


It’s that magical time of year again, and Santa Denz has been busy in his grotto packing up lots of tasty treats to make your dog’s Christmas Day taste even better! Denzel’s Christmas Lunch Bites are the ultimate way for your pooch to join in with the Christmas dinner. Made with Turkey, Cranberries and stuffing, your dog will go crazy for these tasty treats.

Top Our Dogs panel comments

“The dogs liked these.”

“Grain-free, no artificial additives and easy to handle. Would be an ideal training treat.”

“Lovely smell, really appealing.”

“Low calorie.”


“Perfect size for training, a quick and rewarding little morsel! The dogs loved the taste and looked forward to “working” for the reward. Nice, natural ingredients are always a bonus! Soft yet not messy, so easy to keep your training pouches clean! I really enjoyed using these treats!”

“Super treat, easy to manage.”

“Bitesize, which is practical for training use and won’t end up overfeeding.”

“My very fussy boys ate them, so that is a bonus!”

Who would it suit?

“All dogs.”

“Small dogs due to the size of the treats.”

“All breeds, small enough for even toy breeds.”

“Any adult.”

“Any size or breed of dog would enjoy. They may be a problem for “greedy-type” dogs or giant breeds. But for small-medium and non-greedy large breeds, they would be fine.”

Price and availability: The Denzel’s Christmas Lunch Bites are available in pet shops and online across the UK, RRP £2.90

Elkwood 100% Natural Selection Boxes for Dogs

Overall 4.2 star rating * 3/10 gave this product a 5-star rating


Elkwood 100% Natural’s Selection Boxes are here to help you get ready for Christmas! Made using their unique gluten-free, veggie formula, Elkwood’s festive dog treats are delicious and easy for dogs to digest. These boxes contain a variety of functional treats in assorted Christmas- themed shapes that are low in fat with dental benefits.

Top Our Dogs panel comments

“The dogs enjoyed them and they were pretty much odourless.”

“The box contains a good number of treats, which are all individually wrapped in plastic pouches, and as a consequence, the treats are very easy to handle.”

“The treats are long-lasting and I am sure they will do a good job on the teeth.”

“Great packaging.”

“Beautifully presented like a fancy box of sweets.”

“All of the dogs loved the product, and although small bits, they did chew them for a while. All-natural ingredients are a bonus!”

“Wonderful choice of goodies and I liked the presentation and choice.”

“Snacks are packed individually, which is convenient to carry around and helps control feeding amount. The plain and green colour ones went down well with my dogs.”

“My boys adored these treats.”

“Colourful selection of beautifully crafted mini-chews presented in Xmas shapes and colours in a bright surprising Yuletide selection box. Great for a gift for that special dog.”

“Plentiful supply of items. Being vegetable based, they are easily digestible and low calorie.”

Who would it suit?

“Small or toy dogs.”

“Aimed at smaller dogs.”

“All breeds.”

“All dogs and breeds would enjoy, although I would recommend the product for small to medium and some large-sized dogs as the pieces are quite small.”

“Any dog requiring a treat for good behaviour!”

“I would recommend these treats for all ages.”

Any negatives?

The only suggestion was that more owners would benefit from these Selection Boxes if the treats were available in a range of different sizes.

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