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Issue: 18/06/2021

The superheroes of dog owners have been back at it again, reviewing the latest in pet products to make sure you have the very best for your precious pups. So, let’s see what discoveries they have made.  What these experts think comes up top trumps is a keeper.

Top product this month:

Foaber Bounce Green

Overall 4.5 star rating - 7/10 gave this product a 5-star rating


Created for the dog that loves to play, Foaber Bounce is a redesign of a classic. Produced in the most vivid colour from the dog vision spectrum, your dog will have clear visibility of the ball when used outdoors and thrown over a long distance, as well as enjoying a new durable, soft and lightweight toy.


* Produced for the dog’s vision spectrum

* Durable

* Lightweight

* Fun

What the makers say

The Foaber range is specifically designed to excite a canine’s sense. A dog’s colour perception differs from human as rather than three colour sensitive cone cells in their retinas, dogs only have two which are yellow and blue-sensitive. Further to this, their ability to distinguish levels of brightness also differs from a human. As a result of this research, the range utilises a vivid yellow and blue as these are the most photo-receptive to a dog.

Top Our Dogs panel comments

“This is a great, robust and well-produced ball. It has immediately become my dogs’ favourite toy, and it’s great for training too.”

“This is great fun for large and small dogs, they love it, and it is not too hard if it is thrown at the dog and inadvertently hits the dog, a super product.”

“Dog loved the ball, lasted longer than other ball toys”.

“Light to carry and visible to both dog and handler even when under a dense bush”.

“Light very bouncy and not easy to predict which way it would bounce so keeps dogs alert”.

Who would it suit?

Our strong panel of 10 came to the unanimous decision that the Foaber Bounce is suitable for all breeds and all ages, especially those energetic and active breeds keeping their eyes on the prize. 

“All active breeds which enjoy chasing and retrieving. Good that it’s available in different sizes so the smaller breeds can enjoy a chase and the larger ones are less likely to choke on it if grabbed too enthusiastically”.

“All breeds. Great for any interactive play. Soft enough not to be an issue for young or older dogs”.

“Any age, youngsters and older dogs young at heart”.

“All active dogs of all ages”.

Any negatives?

The only negative suggestion was that getting the right size ball for your breed of dog to avoid any potential choke hazard with those enthusiastic fetchers.

Price and availability: Foaber Bounce are available in pet shops and online across the UK, RRP £3.50

(by a whisker!)

Dream Paws Self Heating Mat With Soft Plush Cover

* Overall 4.4 star rating
* 6/10 gave this product a 5-star rating

Who doesn’t like to be warm and cosy while they sleep? Our pups are no exception. We have the luxuries of electric blankets, mattress toppers and extra thick duvets but what about a bed that heats itself? Not quite the weather right now, but how nice would it be to crawl into bed with a mattress that heats itself on those cold winter nights? Now our pets can enjoy the comfort and cosiness of a self-heating bed while they dream those little dreamy dreams.
* Plush cover for comfort
* Heat insulating inner layer
* Non-slip base
What the makers say
Our self-heating pet pad is perfect to keep your pet warm and cosy while they sleep. Our clever inner naturally heats up when a pet lies on the product due to our heat-insulating inner layer. We’ve used a super soft plush top to ensure your pet’s comfort as they sleep; cover is also removable so the mat can be easily washed. Featuring a non-slip base, our mat can be used on tile or wood flooring or within pet crates. Can be used on its own or used as a blanket on top of pets existing bedding during colder temperatures to help keep them comfortable and warm as they sleep.
Top Our Dogs panel comments
“Loved this very cosy”.
“In cold weather, the dog slept soundly and rested well”.
“Does exactly what it says, instantly warm and cosy, the cover removes easily and washes well. It wasn’t even scratched up as beagles are apt to do with bedding but left flat”.
“Well made and easy to use, my dogs queued up to rest on it”.
“High quality and very conformable for the dogs”.
Who would it suit?
The panel recommended the Dream Paws Self-Heating Mat for all breeds of dog but especially those older four-legged friends whose joints need a little more support and of course, puppies! Many dogs slept soundly on the mat, and it was even stolen by younger dogs in the household as they wanted it all to themselves.
“We slept an 11-year-old Weimaraner, and she was very comfortable in the colder nights”.
“Less active more elderly dogs. It is so good my 7-year-old pulled it out of my oldies bed & dragged it into hers to snuggle on. All 4 of my house dogs loved it”.
“All breeds. Would be especially useful for older dogs.”
“Elderly arthritic pets, poorly dogs and very small puppies”.
Any negatives?
Only that our Weimaraner friend kicked it off her bed on the warmer nights. Sounds like it was keeping her a little too cosy!.
Price and availability: Dream Paws Self-Heating Mat are available in pet shops and online across the UK, 
RRP £7.99

iQuties Lick Treat Mat

* Overall 3.7 star rating
* 4/9 gave this product a 5-star rating

Soothes anxiety and eliminates boredom. Perfect for use with your pet’s favourite treat, whether that is wet food, yoghurt, pumpkin, squashed banana, or peanut butter, just spread it on and let them at it. Easy to clean to avoid any funky smells and buildup.
Top Our Dog Panel comments
“Very useful, takes the dog’s attention, if you need to cut nails or assess anything about the dog”.
“Made treats last longer. Very easy to clean”.
“Doesn’t slide easily when being used dogs really have to work hard to get their treat”.
“Easily washable.”
Who would it suit best?
Our esteemed panel recommended the iQuties Lick Treat mat for all breeds of dog, especially those that might need a little food stimulation as well as those that get bored easily and those active pooches that need their brain occupied and you a little time for a cuppa!”
Any negatives?
Again, those food orientated dogs may lap up their delicious treat faster than others and some might be tempted to give the mat a little chew.
Price and where to buy: RRP £4.99 and available at all good pet shops and online, including Amazon

iQuties Active Training Kibble Drop

* Overall 3.7 star rating
* 3/10 gave this product a 5-star rating

Challenge your dog’s brain with iQuties Kibble Drop. Simply drop your pets favourite treats or daily kibble biscuits into the top hole of the toy which will then fall into the four sections; your pet can then sniff out their treats and get to their tasty prize by lifting each flap.
Top Our Dogs Panel comments:
Stimulates the mind of the dog, easy enough for them to use”.
“It is effective and really occupied the dog”.
“Doesn’t slip on a tiled floor, easy to clean and was an instant hit with the beagles, no problem getting each lid open to grab the treats”.
“Keeps inquisitive youngsters entertained and combats boredom”.
Who would it suit?
Our highly knowledgeable panel suggested that the iQuties Kibble Drop is suitable for all breeds to keep them occupied and break that boredom. With a further recommendation for toy, small and medium breeds as well as lively puppies that need to be distracted from getting into mischief
Any negatives? 
Only that it may not keep intelligent, and food orientated pooches occupied for as long as others. Those dogs that dream about food 24/7 will access treats by any means possible (sounds familiar).
Price and where to buy: RRP £9.99 and available at all good pet shops and online, including Amazon.

About the Our Dogs Reader Panel
Ten dog owners, selected by the editor, are given a range of pet products to try.
They complete a feedback survey and give the product an overall rating out of five. The panel includes owners of dogs of different types and sizes, with the potential for many different responses. While the panel members keep the products they have tested, they receive no payment and are asked to submit their honest feedback. 
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