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Issue: 09/04/2021

The Our Dogs Readers Recommend Panel have yet again been busy behind the scenes reviewing the latest in pet products. This experienced panel knows exactly what boxes a product needs to tick to ensure happy and healthy dogs. So, if they love it, it is definitely worth owning. Let’s take a look at how March’s bundle got on.

Top product his month:

Skouts Honor Paw and Hand Sanitiser

Overall 4.4 star rating - 7/10 gave this product a 5-star rating


Personal hygiene has always been important. However, this year has brought it closer to our attention, bringing in washing to the theme of happy birthday to help stop the spread of germs and ultimately, keeping the country safe. But did you ever stop to think about your furry friend’s paws? Made under the California Green Chemistry initiative, Skouts Honor products are made with high-quality natural ingredients which are also rapidly biodegradable and eco-friendly. They are free of soaps, sulphates and parabens and the probiotic products in the range support a healthy skin microbiome.


* Kills 99.99% of germs, viruses and harmful bacteria

* Safe for hands, paws & body

* Keeps homes and households safe

What the makers say..

Everyone aims for safe, natural, quality ingredients. But we’ve set our sights on something higher.  When it comes to choosing products for your pets, we believe the most important ingredient is LOVE. At Skout’s Honor, our goal is simple: curate the best technologies and create products that greatly improve the experience of living with and loving our pets.

Top Our Dogs panel comments:

“What can I say? Far too good for the dogs! While it did make their paws softer (mine don’t normally have a problem), it made my hands even more so!!!! In these days of fanatical hand washing, this product left my hands feeling so soft and nice without the greasy feel that can be left by many hand lotions. Great for around the house and kennels! Love it!”


“This product is very easy to use, I have been keeping mine in the car where it has been very conveniently placed in the door compartment. Our usual walks are currently very muddy and being able to use this product immediately at the end of the walk has helped to give me peace of mind regarding the contracting of Alabama Rot.”

Who would it suit? 

Dogs of all sizes as well as their owners would benefit from Skouts Honor Hand and Paw Sanitiser. Our expert panel suggested that it would suit any that has problems with dry pads or if you want to clean your dog’s feet. However, they may have mentioned that is was much better for human friends as it kept their hands so soft! 

“I’ve actually found that it’s useful to spray on my dog’s coat if people have been fussing him when we’ve been out for a walk and anyone who needs to sanitise their hands regularly as it doesn’t dry out the skin.”

Any negatives? 

Only that it may be rated more for the human hands than dogs but a great addition to your bag or in the car for quick and easy use! 

Price and availability Skouts Honor Hand and Paw Sanitise is available in pet shops and online across the UK prices at £8.99.


Elkwood Vegetable Sea Creatures Treats with Seaweed

* Overall 3.9 star rating
* 6/10 gave this product a 5-star rating

Made from 100% natural ingredients, these vegetable dog chews are the perfect multi-purpose treat for your best friend. The bumps & grooves help to clean teeth and soothe gums, whilst satisfying a dog’s natural urge to chew.
* Gluten-free
* Low in fat
* Cleans teeth
* Rich in minerals
Top Our Dogs panel comments:
Every member of the panel commented on how much their dogs loved them and the smell! 
“My dogs loved these chews treat even the fussy one! Fun, great shapes and because of their design, most of mine chewed them with their back molars, good for teeth cleaning. Lasted longer than a normal chew which is always a good thing! Great!!”
 “It has a rough texture, which is excellent for cleaning plaque from a dog’s teeth. There is a strong odour, which reminded me of Green Lipped Muscle extract and as a consequence, it is very attractive to dogs. Each sea creature shaped portion was tough enough to survive several minutes of chewing, which is of benefit to clean the teeth effectively.”
“The best thing is that the dogs liked them. So many treats are just spat out and ignored.”
Who would it suit? 
Overall, the panel concluded that the Elkwood sea creatures would be suitable for any dog breed. However, some people thought that the starfish and sea horses may be more suitable to larger breeds due to their size and some that the whole pack would be more suitable for small to medium dogs. All in all were an excellent chew to aid with plaque and tartar build-up. 
“Medium to large dogs with a build-up of tartar on the teeth.”
“Any dog or breed. Would probably take a small dog longer to eat than a larger dog.”
“All dogs.”
“My dogs are a big breed and although I gave them the starfish and the sea horses, i thought the turtles were slightly too small so I gave them to my friend’s cockerpoo puppy.”
Any negatives? 
Not so much a negative as the treats went down well with all the dogs and owners within the panel. They just couldn’t quite agree on what size dog the treats would suit!   
Price and where to buy: RRP £1.99 (depending on pack size) and available at all good 
pet shops and online.

Be:loved Be:Calm Shampoo Bar – Calm & Conditioning
Overall 3.3 star rating - 3/10 gave this product a 5-star rating

British award-winning natural wellness & lifestyle products for pets and their parents. Boasting proper pampering from palm to paw.  Thriving on their EcoPledge: Less packaging = fewer plastics.

Top Our Dog Panel comments:
“This product is very eco friendly, everything about it can be recycled. I loved the scent, it smells very clean but without a synthetic smell. It foamed without being too frothy, it was easy to use and rinsed out from the coat without a problem. “
“Lovely smell. Easily used.”
“Loved this soap bar! So easy to use, for a full shampoo or a “spot wash”.  The smell is divine. I was dubious about it lathering, but there was no need to worry as it lathers nicely and leaves a lovely smell and feel to the coat. It even got rid of the dreaded “fox” roll! Much easier to use than a shampoo bottle. Ecologically friendly and no waste.”
Who would it suit?
The expert panel voted that this product would be suitable for all dogs and not only for a full shampoo but also a spot wash when the matter arises. As well as nervous dogs and puppies with its calming qualities. 
“Although it didn’t “calm” my adult dog, it may do a puppy. Any dog will benefit and the beauty of this product is it can be used for a spot clean or full shampoo.”
Any negatives? 
Although suitable for all breeds of dog, it was mentioned that this product may be more suited to breeds with shorter coats. 
Price and where to buy: RRP £7.99 and available at all good pet shops and online.

Beeztees Clean Teeth Spray Dog/Cat Mint Flavour
* Overall 3 star rating
* 2/10 gave this product a 5-star rating

The Beeztees Clean Teeth Dental Spray cleans and takes care of your dog’s very important teeth. The mint flavour provides fresh breath. The dental spray is easy to use and helps prevent plaque, tartar and bad breath.
Top Our Dogs Panel comments:
“A quiet spray for the teeth. Although my dogs are “mouth/teeth” trained, most fought to have this product applied. Two accepted it quite easily and licked their mouth to spread the product around their teeth. Much easier than using a toothbrush. The flavour was accepted readily by them. I haven’t noticed any difference as unfortunately at the time of writing I haven’t had the product long enough. I would buy it and continue using it though as it is convenient and once a dog is trained so easy to use. “
“This product is very easy to use, far more convenient than having to brush the dog’s teeth manually with paste and a brush. The boys didn’t seem to object to the taste which is always a bonus.”
“Dogs and cat loved taste and silent to use”.
Who would it suit?
It was concluded that this product would suit all breeds of dog but potentially older dogs with adult teeth and are mouth trained. However, it was also suggested that it would be great for puppies to get them used to having their teeth cleaned. 
“Any dog or breed. Best to start young to enable the dog to get used to it or take the time to “mouth handle” an older dog.”
“All dogs and cats with adult teeth.”
Any negatives? 
The main negative the panel found was not having enough time to really test the product to see the long term effects it had on their dog’s teeth but most would buy and continue to use the product to see its physical benefits.
Price and where to buy: RRP £3.99 and available at all good pet shops and online.

About the Our Dogs Reader Panel
Ten dog owners, selected by the editor, are given a range of pet products to try.
They complete a feedback survey and give the product an overall rating out of five. The panel includes owners of dogs of different types and sizes, with the potential for many different responses. While the panel members keep the products they have tested, they receive no payment and are asked to submit their honest feedback.
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